About Us

Who we are

Ignition Contractors Limited is a sole proprietor with the ability and legal muscle to undertake any business venture at any level, as we have been in business for several years.

The company provides the highest standard of services and has competitive quality of services and products in the North Western Province.
Our staff are highly qualified and specialised with many years of experience in various field works thus making us multi skilled and able to work with many.

Work Ethics

We Hold our work ethics very dearly and never compromise on them:


We always ensure that we are honest in all our business dealings, being
it with clients, suppliers, service providers etc. We have to be frank and
honest with all our partners in all assignment we undertake.


To us, business that is not based on integrity is no business at all. We
can never indulge or involve ourselves in any transactions that are not
based on integrity.


All our transactions with clients are held in the highest confidence. We take very seriously, the confidence that our clients have in us and will not in any way, betray their confidence in us.


We always take full account of all our actions and dealings in business.
We believe business cannot be done without proper, sufficient and
transparent accountability.


Safety is our biggest concern in our company. We give our staff thorough training in health and safety. We believe that there is no job that cannot be done without doing it safely. 


We are very strict with safety and all our staff including directors, accountants and admin go through a 2 day health and safety training and induction. We also give refresh training on safety every two to three months.

Registered Organisations

The company is registered with the following organisation:
a. NAPSA (Category M)
b. Workman’s Compensation Board
c. Zambia Revenue Authority-ZRA
d. Zambia National Tender Board
e. National Council for Construction – NCC
f. National Tourism Board
g. Zambia Environmental Agency
h. EIZ

Legal Documents

a. Certificate of Incorporation
b. Tax clearance Certificate
c. TPIN Certificate
d. TPIN Number
e. V.A.T Number
f. Employers Liability and Public Liability Insurance